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To Be Heard is To Be Loved

When talking with the Samaritan woman in John 4, Jesus did two things that show his love to the people who were injured. First, Jesus and the disciples traveled a long and tiring than the ordinary person to do so he could meet with this woman. Jesus wanted to present directly to he could touch the hearts of those who need Him.
Second, Jesus was sure that he can get and give full attention to the woman. Jesus deliberately attended and spoke personally to the Samaritan woman needs to feel safe and understand the other person are met. Jesus appreciated her, listening intently, responded that he needed, and, although aware of the conditions in fact, continue to receive the Samaritan woman, and even make the first evangelist in Samaria.

The people we serve is most likely a sinner, wounded, alienated even the outcast of the community. Or maybe he is the one that looks fine, but in him there is still a huge need for what it is able to perform without fear of judgment or rejection from others.

It’s important for people who need care to feel safe and unconditionally accepted by the people who serve. We can build a safe atmosphere by way of truly present and heard it emphatically, so that those who served feel accepted and understood. When that is the relationship of service will result in a change from the inside out, and those who served open for feedback and assistance from us.

Just as the Apostle Paul in conjunction with the church at Corinth love “with bloody tears” (2 Corinthians 2:4), We love the people in need are served. But we also need to act in ways that truly express our love to them. Only then they will realize how much we love them so that they increasingly believe in us, the more open up in the counseling process and further progress toward recovery and growth in Christ.

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