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Growth Manifesto of Kawantumbuh Community (Growingfriends Community)

Kawantumbuh Community (Growingfriends Community) is a group of people that commited to grow together and help other communities grow in grace of God.

These are principles that govern our vision and process:

  • we will integrate grace in all areas of life & ministry
  • we will base our vision & process of growth in our new identity in Christ
  • we will have a clear & focused goal in our current season of life
  • we will involve  Triune God, others and our integrated self in our growth process
  • we will acquire & repeat new skills in a structured steps
  • we will let experience & relations influence our journey of growth in positive ways
  • we will communicate positive language of healing & growth
  • we will create & nurture teaching & learning atmosphere
  • we will bring healing to hurt people & communities
  • we will improve our quality of relation
  • we will integrate all our knowledge & skill in all areas of life
  • we will nurture relation as the foundation of growth process
  • we will learn to understand our needs & others in the growth process
  • we will learn to help & accomodate our needs & others
  • we will use positive feedback to improve our growth journey

Our service:

Komunikasi yang memulihkan (Healing Communications) – 5 part module

Doa yang memulihkan (Healing Prayer) – 5 part module

Jalin Hati (Heart Relations) – 5 part module

Pemulihan Sahabat (Peer Healing Ministry) – 5 part module

PA Kawantumbuh (Growingfriends Bible Study) – 4 part module

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